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Did you know that children with involved parents or adults in their life develop secure styles of attachments? That's right. They not only develop healthy attachments, but they also have a higher chance of having more self-esteem as well as being further advanced and mature than children with other attachment styles.

Infants and toddlers

At ABC we want all the children, from the youngest to the oldest, to reach their maximum potential. We believe that this all begins at this stage in their life. Our teachers will interact with the children, encouraging playing and learning. They will make sure your child reaches their maximum potential by giving them the start they need.  During the day, infants and toddlers are not placed within the confines of playpens or cribs. They are allowed the freedom to crawl, walk or roll around freely, without having to worry about any harm coming to them. They are kept separate from the older children, thus further ensuring their safety.

How we will help your infant or toddler.

Our child teacher ratio for the children age new born to 35 months is 5 to 1.



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