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Pre-kindergarten is a time to learn how to work in groups and communicate with others successfully. These are the classes that really start to prep your child for the upcoming years. We want to engage your child and keep them thinking. Reasoning is a skill that is needed and one that we work on.


This is the time to expand young minds and bring out the best in your children.

Getting your child ready for their future

When getting your child ready for Kindergarten, they will learn reading skills, math skills, how to behave in social situations, and they will practice how to speck and word recognition.


There are so many skills that can be given to your child before they reach Kindergarten, and we want to make sure they don't miss out on any.

What will your child be able to learn?

There is also a portion of the day that is reserved for quiet time. This allows your child to relax, rest and recharge.

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the benefits of Pre-K.