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If your child isn't prepared for school, the transition from a non-structured environment to a structured environment can be extremely overwhelming.  Another important aspect of childhood development is the ability to actively get along with others. This is essential to their social growth.


Each day your preschoolers will have a scheduled free time. This allows them the chance to learn how to share with others, but also how to interact with other children their age.  When disputes are not interrupted, many times the children will resolve them on their own, allowing them to learn to get along with others.


Your children will play with age appropriate toys and learn their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Your child will also be taken to play outside and get the physical activity they need before nap time. When you pick your child up, he or she will be well read, well fed, and will have learned something useful for the day.

Getting your children ready for their future

Our child teacher Ratio for

3 - 5 years of age is 10 - 1


Call us today to see how we can help prepare your child for their future in school.


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