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PRESCHOOL SCHEDULE - 2 years and older


7:00-Breakfast/Free Play

9:15-Snack Time

10:00-Activitiy/Preschool Curriculum

10:45-Play Outside (weather permitting),or Play Inside

12:00-Lunch Time

1:00-Begin Nap Time

3:00-End Nap Time

3:30-Snack Time

4:00-Play Outside (weather permitting), or Play Inside


NURSERY SCHEDULE - 1 year and older, 0-1 year individual schedule


8:30- Change Diapers

9:15-Snack Time

9:30-Free Play

10:00-Activity time or morning nap

10:30-Change diapers

10:45-Play outside weather permitting

11:30-Lunch Time

12:30-Change Diapers

1:00-Nap time

2:00-Afternoon nap for 2 nap/day children

2:30-Change Diapers

3:15-Snack time

4:00-Free Play time

4:30- Change Diapers

Structure that is Fun

The talented staff at A Bright Child Preschool and Daycare knows how important early development is for

your children.

Call today to learn more about schedules for your child.


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